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ZAPPA ZIPPA ZUPPA ZEPPA! has born directly as a multimedia project, as the CD and the DVD must be seen as a whole thing. Thanks to a wider musical vision, and to a variety of sources of inspiration, past and present of the band find a new path for convergence and continuity. You start with the baroque a cappella doggerel “Superpezzi” and end up with the reissue of King Crimson’s “Larks’ Tongues in Aspic – part 1”, which is part of the DVD. A continue astonishment that grows up track by track, video by video.


Track List CD


  1. Superpezzi (3'03")

  2. Con precisione eterna e divina (4'28")

  3. Palla di legno (4'02") *

  4. Ma le mele no (5'25") +

  5. La culla (5'04")

  6. E' solo dopo che c'è la luce (2'44")

  7. Non c'è mai tempo per niente (7'55")

  8. Superpezzi - scat version (1'39")

  9. Prelievo (11'09") **

10. Un figlio (4'05")

11. Scene di vita familiare con la piccola Jo (4'13")

12. Due finestre una collina (4'24")

13. L'avventura del soldatino bianco (5'38") (*++)

14. Il petalo del fiore (parts 1, 2a, 2b) - bonus track (16'07") ++


Track List DVD

  • Original video of "Superpezzi" (both in the official version and in the "director's cut" version)

  • Video documentary called "NO TITLE THIS TIME", about the intraction between music and images, in particular with Serena Rglietti's artwork

  • "In'terviews" - this is a sort of "making of" of the CD, containing lots of interviews to the musicians involved (with english subtitles)

  • Photo slideshow illustrating a cover version of King Crimson's "Larks' Tongues in Aspic - part 1" *+

  • A short film about "The Wedding", track released in the compilation "Kalevala", in 2002

  • Demo 2005 version of the track "Un figlio"

  • Bonus track called "SIGLA!", in which the band presents itself, talking while a sort of "THEME SONG" is going on.


Music and Lyrics by Andrea Pavoni


(*) Music by Corrado Sardella, Lyrics by Tommaso Quattrocchi, New intro by Andrea Pavoni

(+) Music by Sting, new italian lyrics by Andrea Pavoni

(**) Music and Lyrics by Andrea Pavoni, last verses by Manuela Cirillo

(*++) Music by Andrea Pavoni and Pierpaolo Cianca

(++) Music by Andrea Pavoni, Lyrics by Andrea Pavoni, containing verses by Andrea Canalis and Filomena Rinaldis

(*+) Music by Fripp/Wetton/Bruford/Muir/Cross - including "Walking on Air" (Fripp/Bruford/Belew/Mastellotto/Levin/Gunn) and "Il Corrispondente c'è? Non c'è!" (Pavoni)


Illustrated by Serena Riglietti

Graphics & Layout by Nicola Randone

Mastering by Beppe Crovella

Produced by Andrea Pavoni & Greenwall


for further details see booklet

Andrea Pavoni - Pianos, keyboards, backing & lead vocals, percussion, programming, arrangement 


Michela Botti - Lead vocals


Fabio Ciliberti - Bass guitar


Alfredo De Donno - Keyboards, backing vocals



Pierpaolo Cianca - Guitars, backing vocals

Riccardo Sandri - Guitar

Claudio Ricci - Guitars

Pier Paolo Ferroni - Drums

Stefano Marazzi - Drums

Andrea Moneta - Drums

Alessandro Tomei - Sax, Flute

Bruno Zoia - Double Bass

Filippo Saccucci - - Electric Bass

Dahl Lee - 1st & 2nd Violin

Valeria Chiappetta- Viola

Tamara Toppi - Cello

Doriano Roccon - Double Bass

Sergio Migliorati - Electronics, Drum & Bass programming

Fabio Donna - "One Note Stick Intro"

Massimo Leoni - Lead Vocals

Silvia Ceccarelli - Lead Vocals

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