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Double hommage to the solo careers of Anthony PHILLIPS, 


Greenwall plays Tony Banks' "The Lie/After the Lie" (from "A Curiuos Feeling").

Greenwall's compilations and collaborations

In the Land of Geese, Ghost and Confusion

Date of release: December 2014

Label: Mellow Records (digital only)

An hommage to Pink Floyd issued by Mellow Records (digital only), together with other 14 bands, mostly from Italy. Michela and Andrea recorded their own "Wish You Were Here" version, only piano&vocals. This version is not included in THE GREEN SIDE O THE MOON.

Echoes of Secrets

Date of release: August 2014

Label: Mellow Records (digital only)

Double Yes Tribute CD featuring bands from all over the world.

Greenwall plays "Onward", from "Tormato" with special guest Stefano Colasanti on bass guitar.

Tales from the Edge - 
A Tribute to the Music of Yes

Date of release: June 2012

Label: Mellow Records

More Animals at the Gates of Reason

Date of release: June 2013

Label: Btf/AMS

A double CD released on AMS Records. Offering Pink Floyd’s songs under a new guise by mostly Italian artists (Pandora, Fabio Zuffanti, Conqueror, EgoBand, Archangel, Prowlers, Greenwall & more), but there are also a few international acts, such as the supergroup The Samurai of Prog, including Roine Stolt from The Flower Kings and Jon Davison, the current lead singer for YES!

Greenwall plays "Breathe", as the beginning of the DARK SIDE Project..

This is the first contribution we gave to this monumental work where many bands from the whole world created music inspired by Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy (the second contribution will be on Paradiso). Our our choice was to remain as close as possible to the original lyrics, which are sung word-by-word in the second half of the track.
We thank our precious guests: Giuseppe Brancato from Fiaba on vocals, and Stefano Marazzi on drums. Our track is called "Come Corpo Morto Cade"

Dante's Divine Comedy - 

Date of release: May 2009

Label: Musea (France)

Dante's Divine Comedy  -
Part Three: PARADISO

Date of release: March 2010

Label: Musea (France)

This is our last contribution to Colossus' projects and to Divine Comedy. A very long and complex track ("Quel Mare al Qual Tutto si Move") which features a string quintet (leader Chiara Tofani) and, for the first time, Umberto Spiniello on drums. This composition is a group effort, some musical themes date back to the Suonare Informati project (a group formed by Andrea Pavoni, Fabrizio Sagoni and Alfredo De Donno), while Dante's original lyrics were revised by Andrea Pavoni and Pierpaolo Cianca.

A DVD of the evening at Lecco which took place on January 29th 2005 (tribute to Un Biglietto per l'Inferno), where we shared the stage with Tony Pagliuca, Patrizio Fariselli, Rodolfo Maltese, Claudio Rocchi and others. 
Our setlist includes: "Una strana regina/Il nevare" (medley Biglietto #1), "Solo ma vivo/Il tempo della semina" (medley Biglietto #2), plus our tracks "Abbiamo ragione" and "Là dove". 

The purpose of the project was to give life to music inspired by the Sergio Leone's movie with the same title: we wrote the 25-minute long suite The Secret Passage. In the beginning, we were to collaborate again with Sofia Baccini, but we ended writing it on our own, as a union of nine different sections, including choirs, piano solos, recitals, hard rock and fusion elements.
We were joined here by Sandro De Blasio's cello, Flavio Ianiro's sax and two drummers: Andrea Scala and Luca Apolloni.

The Colossus of Rhodes was also republished in 2005 as a comic strip!

The Colossus of Rhodes

Date of release: Nov 2004

Label: Musea (France)

Biglietto per L'Inferno Tribute (DVD)

Date of release: May 2005

Label: Btf

This was the first of the two projects by the Finnish "Colossus" association in which we have been involved in the mid 2000s.
It consists of a triple CD featuring more than 30 bands from all around the world.
Its purpose is to set in music some pieces of the well known Finnish epic poem Kalevala, to build up a great rock opera.
Here we took the chance to try an experiment: the band joined a string quintet and the sax of the brilliant Alessandro Tomei, and we tried to create a piece at the same time epic, meditative and wide.
The experiment worked well, at least at our best, and it gave life to The Wedding, which is the longest piece of the entire collection.

Once again, we took part in a very ambitious project, that came up into a double CD + EP, featuring 30 bands.
Our challenge here was to perform Lark's tongues in aspic part 1, that we consider one of most complex songs of the '73-'75 period, due to its combination of structured and ad-lib elements.
It is probably worth saying that we went a little bit further, and within the assigned time (13 minutes, as the original song), we brought together not one but three pieces... but maybe you'd better listen to the tribute, no to waste the surprise!
Once more, we take the chance to thank Pier Paolo Ferroni, who offered his energy and creativity on drums.
By the way, this tribute features, among others, the piano player Stefano Bollani, who offers a fascinating and innovative piano version of Frame by frame.

We issued again this performance, as a part of the ZAPPA ZIPPA ZUPPA ZEPPA! DVD.

Kalevala - 
A Finnish Progressive Rock Epic

Date of release: Feb 2003

Label: Musea (France)

The Letters - 
Unconventional King Crimson Tribute

Date of release: March 2004

Label: Mellow Records

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