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Greenwall's bio


Greenwall is a project led by Roman musician and composer Andrea Pavoni. His first release, Il Petalo del fiore e altre storie (on Mellow Records label), was launched in 1999 with the pseudonym Greenwall. The CD features recordings from the years 1989-1990 and new material recorded later on.
In 1999-2000 many musicians joined the project and a real band took shape. In those years, the new album From the treasure box was in the works and was in the works and finally issued in 2005.
Since then, Greenwall´s lineup has persistently altered throughout its existence.
Current band memebers are: Michela Botti (vocals), Fabio Ciliberti (bass and acoustic guitar), Alfredo De Donno (keyboards & backing vocals), Andrea Pavoni (keyboards, percussion, arrangements & backing vocals). In 2014 Riccardo Sandri joined the group again as lead guitarist.
Other musicians collaborate regularly with the group: Umberto Spiniello, Pier Paolo Ferroni (drums), Claudio Ricci (guitars), Doriano Roccon, Paolo Scozzi (double bass), Alessandro Tomei and Claudio Giusti (saxophones and flute).
The group released 4 studio albums, 2 DVDs and several compilations.


The band collaborated also with some important musicians from the italian musical scene: Pierpaolo Ranieri (bass), Stefano Marazzi (drummer and former member in 2004-2005), Giuseppe Brancato (vocals, from the band “Fiaba”), Andrea Moneta
(drums, from the band “Leviathan” and former member in 1999-2003), Sophia Baccini (vocals, from the band “Presence”).
The well-known illustrator Serena Riglietti (who illustrated the italian edition of the “Harry Potter” saga) created original artwork for the last two records of the band.
In 2012 a new live show called “Greenwall’s Dark Side” was presented. The show, which blends music with dance and theatre, is based on a new version of Pink Floyd’s classic “The Dark Side of the Moon” completely re-arranged and fitted with a story inspired by the original lyrics. The band is working to release this show soon.
In 2014 ZAPPA ZIPPA ZUPPA ZEPPA!,the fourth Greenwall's studio CD, has been released on Electromantic Records (label owned by Arti e Mestieri’s keyboardist, Beppe Crovella).
The first track of the CD, “Superpezzi”, has been included in the “Prog Sphere compilation #14” and was played on Rai Radio1 (Italian National Radio) programme “DEMO”.

In 2015 and 2016 the new project THE GREEN SIDE OF THE MOON took shape, consisting of the material yet presented in the 2012-2014 shows, with some band's tunes in addition. For this project the group launched a crowdfunding campaign on the MUSICRAISER platform that ended on November 2016.
The new release came out on May, 2017.

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