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Tracklist CD



01 - Superpezzi (3'03")

02 - Con precisione eterna e divina (4'28")

03 - Palla di legno (4'02")

04 - Ma le mele no (5'25")

05 - La culla (5'04")

06 - E' solo dopo che c'è la luce (2'44")

07 - Non c'è mai tempo per niente (7'55")

08 - Superpezzi - scat version (1'39")

09 - Prelievo (11'09")

10 - Un figlio (4'05")

11 - Scene di vita familiare con la piccola Jo (4'13")

12 - Due finestre una collina (4'24")

13 - L'avventura del soldatino bianco (5'38")


14 - Il Petalo del Fiore (parts 1, 2a, 2b) - bonus track (16'07")



Tracklist DVD


  • Original video of "Superpezzi" (both in the official version and in the "director's cut" version)

  • Video documentary called "NO TITLE THIS TIME", about the intraction between music and images, in particular with Serena Riglietti's artwork

  • "In'terviews" - this is a sort of "making of" of the CD, containing interviews to the musicians involved in the project (with english subtitles)

  • Photo slideshow illustrating a cover version of King Crimson's "Larks' Tongues in Aspic - part 1", track released in 2004 in the compilation "The Letters"

  • A short film about "The Wedding", track released in the compilation "Kalevala", in 2002

  • Demo 2005 version of the track "Un figlio"

  • Bonus track called "SIGLA!", in which the band presents itself, talking while a sort of "THEME SONG" is being played.



released may, 2014

ZAPPA ZIPPA ZUPPA ZEPPA! was born directly as a multimedia project, as the CD and the DVD must be seen as a whole thing. Thanks to a wider musical vision, and to a variety of sources of inspiration, past and present of the band find a new path for convergence and continuity. It starts with the baroque a cappella doggerel “Superpezzi” and ends up with the reissue of King Crimson’s “Larks’ Tongues in Aspic – part 1”, which is part of the DVD. A continue astonishment that grows track by track, video by video.
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Andrea Pavoni - Pianos, Keyboards, Percussion, Programming, Backing Vocals, Arrangements

Michela Botti - Lead Vocals

Alfredo De Donno - Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Fabio Ciliberti - Electric Bass



Stefano Marazzi - Drums

Bruno Zoia - Contrabass

Pier Paolo Ferroni - Drums

Alessandro Tomei - Saxophones & Flute

Umberto Spiniello - Drums

Gabriele Gagliarini - Percussion

Claudio Ricci - Guitars

Andrea Moneta - Drums

Pierpaolo Cianca - Guitars

Riccardo Sandri - Guitar

Silvia Ceccarelli - Vocals

Massimo Leoni - Vocals

Filippo Saccucci - Electric Bass

Sergio Migliorati - Electronics & Programming

Dahl Ah Lee - Violin

Valeria Chiappetta - Viola

Tamara Toppi - Cello

Doriano Roccon - Double Bass

Fabio Donna - "One Note Stick Intro"


Music and Lyrics by Andrea Pavoni

except: "Palla di Legno" (music by Corrado Sardella, lyrics by Tommaso Quattrocchi, intro by Andrea Pavoni),

"Ma le Mele No" (originally "I Hung My Head" by Sting, new lyrics by Andrea Pavoni),

"Non c'è mai Tempo per Niente" (music by Stefano Marazzi & Andrea Pavoni),

"Prelievo" (music by Andrea Pavoni, lyrics by Andrea Pavoni, last verses by Manuela Cirillo),

"L'Avventura del Soldatino Bianco" (music by Andrea Pavoni & Pierpaolo Cianca), 

"Il Petalo del Fiore" - part 2a La Verità di Ogni Negazione (music by Andrea Pavoni, lyrics by Andrea Pavoni including verses by Andrea Canalis and Filomena Rinaldis)


Recorded by Andrea Saponara, Simone Pastore, Andrea Pavoni, Vladimiro Melchiorre, Marco Ruggiero at Polistudio Recording, Piano B, La Miniera, Latte + (Roma, Italy) and at Sound Design (Monteforte Irpino, Italy)

Mixed by Andrea Pavoni 

Artwork by Serena Riglietti

Layout by Nicola Randone

Mastered by Beppe Crovella & Andrea Pavoni

Photos used in the DVD booklet courtesy of Giovanni Sarrocco

Translations by Fiona McNaughton (thanks to Linda Orsi for additional support)


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