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The Band

Lead Vocals

Michela is the first member of the group to have attended regular musical studies. She achieved the sixth year diploma at Santa Cecilia conservatoire, in Rome. After the first years of lessons, she left piano to study in deep the world of vocals in many of its facets. Joined the group in 2003 and never left it. She was also a member of the Amazing Grace Gospel Choir, led by Timothy Martin.

Keyboards, Percussion, Programming, Vocals

Andrea Pavoni started composing music and lyrics before he was able to play... the first compositions date to 1978, when he was 9... He went thru various experiences and genres, and in 1999 decided to develop the "prog" area of his musical world, founding the Greenwall project. This was no easy at all, and in the end Greenwall became a work-in-propgress experience in which almost every genre or idea took place over the years.

Bass Guitar

Fabio was a member of Pigs on the Wing, the Pink Floyd cover band in which he and Andrea Pavoni played in the mid '90s.

He is also a founder member of Greenwall, the only member present (apart from Andrea), in every show of the band, from the beginning.

ALFREDO DE DONNO Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Alfredo De Donno is an old time mate of Andrea Pavoni. They met each other for the first time in the mid '80s. They were together also in the Suonare Informati project (early '90s). So it was easy to call him to join the group when the first keyboard player (Andrea Amici) left in 2001. Alfredo is also a reference in the group on backing vocals.

RICCARDO SANDRI Guitars, Backing Vocals

Riccardo Sandri is a multi-instrumentalist, joined the band for the first time in 2001, left in 2006 and came back in 2013. In October 2014 Riccardo released his original song “Campi Verdi” on the first progressive rock compilation issued by the ProgSphere Promotions (Progstravaganza) named "Beyond Frontiers" ( ).

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