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The Green Side of the Moon

We imagined a multimedia project, based on music, dance and film.


First of all, our version of The Dark Side of the Moon has been completed.

It has been completely re-arranged and recollected by the band.
While we were reharsing and recording, a completely brand new track came to light and we deecided to record it as a tribute to Rick Wright... We called "Prelude for Rick".

Then, we recorded the rest of the suite Il Petalo del Fiore, too. In this way, the two suites are related one to the other and a unique story can be realized on stage by a live performance of music and dance. Dancers can perform live with the group, and we are augmented up to 7 musicians. So we wish to play the two suites in their entirety, without breaks.

In the end, the material was so vast we decided to record it on double-vinvyl, and of course on CD.


The double-vinyl will feature also "Mudmen", that we had to cut from the CD only because there was not enough space!


We have been aided by a lot of extremely competent  musicians, old and new friends of the band!! And also a big role has been assigned to the graphic aspect, with exclusive photos and drawings, just like in the Floyd's (and Greenwall's) tradition.


This is the CD's tracklist


Time (including Breathe -reprise-)

The Great Gig in the Sky (including Time -reprise-, Speak to me)

Us and Them

Any Colour You Like

On the Run

Brain Damage



Prelude for Rick


bonus material 



Provvisoria Morte dell'Anima. Rivelazioni e ricordi di Idee.

Dentro l'Acqua

Galleria e Uscita

Respirare #1

Respirare #2


Wish You Were Here

Mudmen (Vinyl version only)


Line up



Michela Botti - Lead & Backing Vocals

Andrea Pavoni - Pianos, Moog, Synths, Drums, Percussion, Programming,                                                   Backing Vocals

Fabio Ciliberti - Bass guitar

Alfredo De Donno - Organ, Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Riccardo Sandri - Guitars and Backing Vocals


augmented by 

Lorenzo Feliciati - Bass guitar

Pier Paolo Ferroni - Drums

Alessandro Tomei - Saxophones

Claudio Ricci - Guitars

Rebecca Raimondi - Violin

Marco Orfei - Flute

Salvo Lazzara - Guitars

Luca Ciccotti - Drums

Pierpaolo Cianca - Guitar


Mastered by Brett Caldas-Lima at Tower Studio. Montpellier, France


Photos by ZEF

Editing by Giovanni Sarrocco

Layout by Andrea Pavoni

Illustration by Marco Splendore


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