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Andrea Pavoni - Keyboards, Piano, Acoustic Drums, Lead and Backing Vocals, Occasional Guitar, Programming


with the help of:

Fabio Nani  - Bass Guitar, Electric guitar, Backing Vocals
Fabrizio Sagoni - Acoustic and Electric Guitars

Franco De Lucia - Acoustic Guitar
Giorgia Facioni - Vocals
Cristiana D'Amico - Sampled Voice
Tiziana Brasile - Lead vocals on "I bimbi e il burrone" (new arrangement 1998)



Il Petalo del Fiore e Altre Storie


The tracks included in this CD were composed mostly between 1988 and 1990, and are all their original versions.
The main role is taken by Il Petalo del Fiore, a long suite which aims at tracing the journey of the soul in a quest of the truths about existence, often consisting of simple principles as they were perceived during childhood.
The other tracks in this CD are: Nonno, a symphonic composition with new-age features; Le Stanze, an experiment with metal-prog themes and styles; I bimbi e il burrone, a singer-songwriter kind of song featured here in two different versions, the original one from 1990 with a more rock-prog flavour and a reviewed one from 1998 with a more modern sound, both in its jazzy rhythm and in the interpretation of the lyrics.


Track List 



2. IL PETALO DEL FIORE (Parts 1-2b) (13'00")
    1. Il nascere e l'incedere del dubbio
    2a. La verità di ogni negazione (*)
    2b. Entrata

3. IL PETALO DEL FIORE (Parts 3-6) (20'51")
    3. Provvisoria morte dell'anima / Rivelazioni e ricordi di idee
    4. Dentro l'acqua
    5. Galleria e uscita
    6a. Respirare #1

    6b. Respirare #2

4. NONNO (9'05")

5. LE STANZE (9'48")


ghost track: I BIMBI E IL BURRONE '98 (4'44")



All tracks composed by Andrea Pavoni

(*) containing verses by Andrea Canalis and Filomena Rinaldis


Illustrated by Silvia Candida


Produced by Andrea Pavoni


for further details see booklet

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