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Andrea Pavoni - Pianos, keyboards, percussion, programming, arrangement 


Michela Botti - Lead vocals


Fabio Ciliberti - Bass guitar, backing vocals


Alfredo De Donno - Keyboards


Andrea Moneta - Drums


Riccardo Sandri - Guitars



Sofia Baccini - Lead vocals

Alessandro Tomei - Flute

Pier Paolo Ferroni - Drums

Pierpaolo Ranieri - Bass guitar

Francesco Chillemi - narrator


From the Treasure Box

This is the first CD realized completely by the band as a whole.
It took 4 years of work, from 1999 to 2003, when we finished the recordings.
The title reminds us of something precious which has been buried for years and that is where ideally our songs come from.
In fact, the first drafts of this material date as far back as 1983, with Preludio... to the end, 1985 with Abbiamo ragione, 1987 with Dondolando su laghi di smeraldo and so on.
Curiously, in order to come to light, these songs probably needed someone else, namely the band, to give them new life.
Some new pieces have been added to complete the CD: Il cunicoloIntroLà, dove (the hidden track), and bit by bit the album has grown up, slowly blossoming year after year.
Some precious collaborations enrich the project: Pier Paolo Ferroni on drums, Pierpaolo Ranieri on bass guitar, Alessandro Tomei on saxophone, Sofia Baccini on vocals, Francesco Chillemi as narrator, and the fundamental graphical contribution by Serena Riglietti.


Track List


1. Il cunicolo (5'05")
2-3. Dentro la città/ Abbiamo ragione (6'51")
4. Dondolando su laghi di smeraldo (5'31")
5. Pollicino (6'58")
6. La gabbia (4'05")
7. Preludio... to the end (26'12")
8. Intro (3'20")
(ghost track 13. Là, dove 1'45")


Music and Lyrics by Andrea Pavoni

except "Il Cunicolo", Music by Andrea Pavoni, Lyrics by Andrea Pavoni & Zoeli


Illustrated by Serena Riglietti


Produced by Andrea Pavoni & Greenwall


for further details see booklet

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