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Andrea Pavoni - Pianos, keyboards, programming, arrangement 




A completely instrumental work, played on keyboards and acoustic piano only, which represents a kind of music to be experienced out of all schemes and able to carry the mind to new and unknown places.


"When music is born from sincere creative urge and is not choked by stylistic or commercial demands, then both artist and listener can experience it as a moment of escape and pure delight. With its variety of moods and sound patterns, Greenwall's tracks excite reveries of the mind and pleasure of the spirit."

Fabio Massimo Arati


Track List


1. La nascita dei fiori (8'59")
2. Tappetti persiani (5'07")
3. Due volte (1'50")
4. Privato (11'07")
5. Spiragli di luce (9'03")
6. L'armata delle tenebre (8'44")
7. La frutta a pezzi (15'10")
    a. attesa
    b. la domenica sportiva
    c. presa di coscienza
8. La nascita dei fiori (short, cut & paste version) (6:17")


Composed, performed and produced by Andrea Pavoni


Illustrated by Silvia Candida


for further details see booklet

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